University Communications provides Scala training sessions regularly or as-needed.

Contact us for specialized training sessions for departments/areas.

Note: These workshops have moved online until further notice. Please visit the registration pages to sign up and for the Zoom links.

Intro to Scala: Media Design

This workshop introduces users to the guidelines for creating and publishing media to the Scala Content Management System (CMS) at Appalachian:

  • About Scala
  • Definitions
  • Slide specs and designing slides
  • Best practices
  • Slide sharing and distribution 
  • Uploading media to Scala CMS 

Users who will be uploading media and/or maintaining a Scala screen(s) will need to attend a training session prior to being granted access to Scala CMS. Also appropriate for anyone wanting a refresher or for users interested in creating media for distribution to campus.

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Intro to Scala: All About Templates

This workshop builds on Intro to Scala: Media Design and introduces users to the use of templates in Scala CMS at Appalachian:

  • Accessing templates
  • Creating new messages from templates
  • Uploading images and/or graphics for use in templates
  • Best practices 

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Intermediate Scala: CMS Administration

This workshop builds on the introductory sessions and introduces users to CMS administration at Appalachian:

  • Users, permissions and workgroups
  • Creating playlists and adding media
  • Media properties
  • Scheduling
  • Channels and players
  • Best practices
  • System upkeep

This session is appropriate for users who will be acting as area administrators.

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