Scala Templates

Appalachian State University Scala templates are available to all Scala CMS users.

These include editable fields (text, images, etc.) and can be used to create new messages for your playlists. 

Why Use Templates

  • No need to worry about design and/or branding 
  • Meets design accessibility guidelines
  • Maintain standards year-to-year and/or despite staffing changes
  • Quick and easy to create a series of slides
  • Slides created from templates can be easily edited and updated

Available Templates

There are currently 15+ templates available (see below for examples). These can be used to create:

  • Area welcomes
  • Congratulatory messages
  • Informational messages
  • Accolade messages
  • Grant announcements
  • Event announcements
  • and more!

Need custom templates for your area? Contact us to discuss your needs.


Stock Images and Graphics

Selected Appalachian stock images and graphics have been uploaded to Scala CMS for your use - any other images/graphics must be uploaded for use in templates

  • Search: “Appstate_Photo” for all preloaded Appalachian stock photos
  • Search: “Appstate_Icon” for all preloaded Appalachian icons
  • Search: “Appstate_Color” for all preloaded Appalachian color swatches

Template Builds

  • Image aspect ratio is part of the template build - choose images that best fit the frame
  • Fonts, font size, text color, etc. is part of the template build and is not editable
  • Number of characters is limited - you may have to edit text to fit

Quick Tip: Copy and paste from Word or Google Docs to use bullets or numbers (list) in text fields

Using Templates

Scala CMS access required to use templates. Contact us with questions.

Step 1

  • Log-in to your Scala CMS account
  • See available templates by selecting Media> +New > Message

Step 2

  • Select a template by checking the box
  • Select Next
  • Name the message and select Next

Step 3

  • Add/edit images as appropriate
  • Edit text fields as appropriate
  • Required fields are noted by *
  • Create the message

Note: Preload images/graphics for use in templates and/or select from available stock images/graphics

Step 4

  • Add the message to your playlist(s)
  • Edit messages as needed and/or duplicate messages to create a series of slides

Questions? Want to learn more?

Register for Intro to Scala: All About Templates

Template Examples

The following slides are just a few examples of available templates. More are added regularly.

Template: Welcome

Template: Save the Date

Template: DYK_1

Template: Award Icon

Template: Info

Template: Quote

Template: DYK_2

Template: Info_2